I am always doing things I can't do, that's how I get to do them.
-Pablo Picasso

photo by  Mike


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I started taking photographs when I was about 8.  I still have the pictures from a field trip in third grade to the Everglades.  I loved capturing memories.  I was going to be a doctor but somehow a camera was always in my hand. 

At 15 I finally stopped borrowing my mom's camera and saved up and bought my first point and shoot.  At that time I had no idea what an SLR was and I had seen this cool new camera for only $35 bucks at the local Service Merchandise and it was small enough to fit into my purse.  Most importantly, it had a time stamp feature which meant I would always know the date and that made me ecstatic. 

At 19 I started shooting black and white and I was quite annoyed at the way the local pharmacy would develop it....but I had no clue you could develop yourself.  My private school didn't have a photography lab or anything of the sort so I never found out.  Then at 21my best friend told me there was these photography classes at our college and finally I saw what a dark room was.  I bought an old Nikon FM2 SLR in a local photography show and started developing. 

I loved photography class.  I took it for three semesters straight and was sad when I couldn't take it anymore.  Honestly though I found a lot of students to be a bit pretentious and that kind of kept me in a shell.  I mostly photographed nature and my teacher said I only liked pretty things and wanted to see something rougher.  I never really felt free in my photography till years later when I bought my first digital.  Slowly I started to see my style developing.  The fact I could shoot and shoot and see it right away was an extremely gratifying experience and I shot day and night.  Then I met a friend that was into abandoned buildings and well the rest is history.  This site is my Abandoned Project.   I have traveled to numerous places and photographed them as well but those pictures are sitting in my box in albums in my room.  What you see here is from 2004 to present. 

So step into my adventures,  but watch your step...it gets dark.

Life is an adventure.  Live it as one.